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Bygone Days at the Belltower

These black-and-white photos from the NC State Libraries archive show the Memorial Belltower’s importance to the university — then as always.

The Belltower as seen from Holladay Hall

No structure on NC State’s campus is as widely recognized as the Memorial Belltower. The cornerstone for this iconic structure was laid in 1921, with construction continuing in the decades that followed as funding was made available. From the beginning until today, the Belltower has been an important reminder of the sacrifices made by NC State alumni during World War I — as well as an enduring symbol of the university’s past, present and future.

Click on the images below to see some of the many photographs snapped at the Belltower over the years, then visit our Legend in Stone page to learn the ins and outs of this beloved structure.

If you’re really inspired, check out even more Belltower historic materials from across the decades that hint at an ever-changing campus.